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New on Slovenian tier's page: Karlo Furlan 18.12.2005


Invitation for 19TH Slovenian fly tying competition  16.11.2005


New photos on Marble Trout page 17.10.2005

New photos on Terrestrial's page 11.09.2005
New flies on Gregor's page 10.09.2005
New photos on Insect's page 07.09.2005
  New page Slovenian Flytier's ! 25.08.2005
New photos Lepenja  20.08.2005
New photos Baca  15.08.2005

New photos Soca - Underwater photos ! 15.08.2005


 New photos Soca - Jewel of the Slovenian rivers 15.08.2005

New photos on Unica isects page   HERE  21.05.2005
New photos of brownies   HERE  17.05.2005
Last changed: 03/01/2006


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